Social media is more than a fad.

It’s here to stay—and it’s growing in influence and importance every day. With millions of people active online, social media is now the number one way we connect with one another, talk about what we like, and share information.

It’s also the best way for a business or franchise to get its products and services in front of clients. But knowing what, how, and when to post can be difficult and time consuming. The social media team at SocialJoey is the solution for your single- or multi-unit business.

Why Social Media?

Be an authority

Compelling content makes your business or franchise shine above the rest. When a customer is in doubt, they choose the company that knows the most. By sharing expert content on social media, your single- or multi-unit business is positioned as an authority in your field.


It’s Faster

Social media is the fastest growing advertising venue for businesses like yours to get their message out. Every day, potential new customers or franchisees are getting online, and every day, other businesses are taking the leap to meet them there.


Your customers are there

Your customers are online and talking with each other all the time on social media. You need to be where they are, taking part in the conversation.


Stay in touch

Social media gives your potential customers or franchisees another way to reach out to you and request information and services.

Stay relevant

Having no social media presence is like not having a website or a phone number. These days, your clients expect it. If you don’t have a social media plan, you are behind the times—and missing out on new sales or recruitment opportunities.


It’s #1

Engaging on social media is now the number one thing to do on the internet. More people go online to participate in social media than in any other activity.


Get customer feedback

Want to highlight a new feature, service or product? Social media allows you to tell your most engaged fans first, and get their attention and feedback.


Target better

Unlike other media such as television or newspaper, social media lets you target your audience with unmatched precision and reach out to those people who are most interested in what your business or franchise has to offer.

With an expert team, the right price, and packages tailored to your needs, SocialJoey is the social media marketing solution for your business or franchise.