Google+ is all about building connections, and nobody does that better than SocialJoey. SocialJoey will use quality content and precisely timed posts to promote and sustain a powerful community for your business or franchise on Google+.

Why use SocialJoey?

Google My Business

When it comes to ranking search results for local businesses and franchises, or placing businesses and franchises on Google Maps, Google now looks to their own platform: Google My Business.

Google My Business allows businesses and franchises to share basic information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, and Hours of Operation on Google—as well as tell Google what your business does and what sets it apart. Without Google My Business, you won't show up in Google search results or Google Maps.


A daily habit

60% of Google+ users log on every single day. SocialJoey will make sure your business or franchise is ready to connect when these potential customers sign on.


High interaction

42% of Google+ users interact with the brands they follow. Strategic content from SocialJoey will ensure customers stay engaged with your business or franchise.


Media rich

Google+ is media rich, utilizing a variety of content options. In many ways it is the most flexible social platform available. SocialJoey’s expert writers and designers will provide diverse content, including custom-designed graphics, to best reach Google+ audiences.

Your Google hub

Once you create your Google My Business listing, Google automatically sets up a Google+ page for your business or franchise. This page becomes your hub for sharing content across the Google network, because Google ties your posts to your website and Google My Business Listing.

This interconnectivity of content can provide the extra SEO push you need to outrank your competition on Google Search


Growing fast

With over 300 million users, Google+ is one of the most powerful social networks in the world. SocialJoey will position your business or franchise to ride this wave and capture the attention of an ever-growing audience of potential customers or franchisees.


Top influencer

Google+ is a top influencer of organic Google search results. By posting content for your business or franchise on Google+, SocialJoey will positively influence your search engine rankings (SEO) so more customers can find you.


#1 in search

Google is the single most used search engine in the world, and they love to give preference to businesses or franchises using their social network. You want to matter to Google? Let SocialJoey help you build a presence on Google+.

Google+ is a powerful tool to help your business or franchise succeed, and SocialJoey has the experience and creative resources to accelerate your Google+ presence. With an expert team, the right price, and packages tailored to your needs, SocialJoey is the Google+ solution for your digital marketing needs.