Franchisee Marketing

At SocialJoey, we understand that running a multi-location franchise business isn't like anything else. Keeping your brand consistent across each location while still creating engaging local content can be next to impossible. Thankfully, we specialize in getting your message to local audiences through localized ad campaigns, coupons, and great content.

Why use SocialJoey?


Local content

Local Content > Replicated Corporate Content. Facebook's algorithms give priority to relevant, local content and pushes replicated content down in the News Feed and many times don't show it at all.


Increased reach

Reach isn't only important for your national brand, it's also critical for your local franchisee locations. Local businesses need to reach their local audiences, and SocialJoey can make that happen.


Local coupons

Offering your customers coupons on social media drives business. SocialJoey can not only target local audiences, but we can tie these coupons to your Point of Sale system so you can see a true ROI of your social campaigns.


Increased engagement

Replicating content from corporate provides no engagement on the local page. Posting locally allows more people to engage with your franchisee's business and increases your overall brand exposure on social media.


Drive sales for franchisees

Your franchisees want success, and you want to give it to them. When reach, engagement, and branding increases, sales follow. Franchisees are happy. You are happy. We are happy. Everybody is happy.


Local site traffic remarketing

Remarketing to people who are looking at your website is a great way to stay top of mind. SocialJoey can find your website visitors on social media and keep your brand in front of them no matter where they go.

Every day Google and Facebook become more focused on localizing their listings, pages, and content. Keeping your branding intact while also reaching local markets has to be your priority if you hope to compete digitally. At the end of the day, all business is local. SocialJoey keeps you local while keeping your established branding intact.