Social media is, inherently, all about authentic social connections. So how can businesses and franchises leverage those relationships to build sales? SocialJoey knows how to reach highly targeted audiences with a compelling message at the right time, so that followers convert to customers.

Why use SocialJoey?

Stand out in the crowd

Businesses and franchises often have trouble making themselves heard in a sea of other online voices. SocialJoey's social media advertising experts know how to make every click count with highly-targeted, results-driven ads on all the top social media platforms.

SocialJoey advertising circle Receptive audience

Receptive audience

Globally, there are 1.65 billion active social media accounts, with 1 million more users joining each day. Your audience is signing on to social media… be there to greet them with great content and relevant advertising!

SocialJoey advertising circle price is right

Price is right

For just pennies on the dollar, social media advertising places your brand's message directly in the pocket of new and current customers. At around a quarter per click, your business or franchise will reach an energized consumer base on Facebook. No other media offers such a low cost for such a high rate of return.

SocialJoey advertising circle targeted demographics

Targeted demographics

Social media advertising allows a level of audience targeting unmatched by any other form of marketing. Laser-focused ads deliver the right message to your brand's driest tinder, igniting sales and delivering unparalleled results.

More bang for your buck

SocialJoey's team of digital advertising experts knows how to tailor results-driven advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and more. We'll make sure you reach your audience effectively and inexpensively with strategic social media advertising.

SocialJoey advertising circle build awareness

Build awareness

Your current—and potential!—customers are watching you online. In fact, 95% of adults ages 18-35 follow at least one business on social media. Build a positive brand awareness with consistent content and targeted advertising.

SocialJoey advertising circle drive conversion

Drive conversion

More than 50% of customers'' on- and offline purchases are directly influenced by what they see on Facebook, including targeted advertising. Want more sales? Make sure you're advertising on social media!

SocialJoey advertising circle customer base

Protect customer base

One of social media's most valuable functions is customer service. 59% of online Americans think that the speed and connectivity with which problems are solved and questions are answered has improved thanks to social media. Build loyalty and increase long-term sales by weaving ongoing advertising into your engagement strategy.

Reach your audience, deliver your message, and drive sales through social media advertising. With an expert team, the right price, and packages tailored to your needs, SocialJoey is the digital advertising solution for your business or franchise.